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My Business

Hi there everyone!

May is here and I know I am already feeling the heat! My monthly favorites (possibly some dislikes) will be up soon! I’m still trying to get my lists situated. But! Today I want to talk to you all about the goals of my business and what I hope we can all achieve!

My business is all about body positivity, creativity, self-expression and confidence in yourself all through the power of beauty and fashion. I know its very hard, but yet very easy to be yourself in today’s society. I know I even struggle with being myself and being okay with what I wear. I want people to be OK with always reinventing how they dress and look. I know my goal for this year is to try new outfits, or different makeup and hair trends.  I think its important to be okay with who we are now. We need to show that we aren’t afraid to be ourselves.

Much Love




Hi there!

I’m Mia, I am an 18 year old college student who absolutely adores makeup, beauty and fashion. I’m also an avid painter and cat lady. I hope my ideas for makeup and outfits will inspire you and make your day a little brighter. Feel free to follow me on my social media accounts.

Much love,


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A healthy dose of confidence

I have dealt with self-confidence issues, I’m pretty sure we all have. When I discovered makeup, well it was life changing for me. And then I started doing makeup for theatre, and I began to hear what my thoughts were telling me way back when I was dealing with low self-confidence, but instead of hearing these thoughts in my head, I was hearing them from girls and boys my age, younger and older than me. It was heart breaking to hear, I heard “Sorry that I look like this.” or “God I am not beautiful.” I knew in my heart I had to do something, so I looked up self confidence TED Talk. I would play this before every show. And when I did the makeup on the actors and actresses, with this TED talk playing in the background. I could hear them talking better about themselves. I even did a presentation about this TED Talk my senior year. I know this TED Talk has helped me and my fellow actors with a hard time and I hope this TED Talk will help you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gto6w0a13B0 .


Much  Love


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April Favorites

Hey there guys and gals! I know I’m a little late for posting this favorites list but I wanted to make sure that it’s perfect! April was a very interesting and busy month for me! I don’t know about you guys but I am so ready for May and summer because I am a total autumn and winter person! Now enough of me talking let’s get on with this list!!

I’m going to start by how I would do my face like my primers and lotions and then I’ll finish with my setting powders and sprays!

Primers and lotions;

Benefit porefessional primer- It’s very smooth, like the feeling of it reminds me of velvet almost. It basically reduces the size of my pores when I put on makeup and it makes my face feel so soft!

Nyx Matte finish spray- Now I know a lot of you are gonna say. “Mia, you’re supposed to use a Finishing spray AFTER you do your makeup.” I know and I do! It’s been crazy hot in California lately so I have been using this to actually help my makeup stick more!

Foundation and concealer

Ulta BB cream- when I first started using it, it was a little tan for me but it ended up being perfect near the ending of the month, it does go on a little oily and its kinda streaky but its super good and light weight

or if I want a medium coverage

Maybelline fit me matte and poreless foundation I really love the finish that this foundation has. It’s a little heavier so I use it in the early spring when it’s still kinda wintry feeling or if I am going out on a date or to a party.


Maybelline master conceal or maybelline fit me – I have been switching between these two for the past month. I love the light weight formula of the fit me, I love using it for highlighting. And I love using the maybelline master conceal for hiding acne and dark circles.


Too Faced cocoa powder foundation I absolutely love the finish. It makes my face seem flawless and it doesn’t make my face look super cakey. It also helps that my face also will smell like chocolate.

Contour, blush, Highlight


Maybelline Fit me concealer in cocoa I like having a cream contour than a powder. To me it makes it look more natural. I love having my face contoured.

Ciate London bronzer in Bamboo bronzer- I love this packaging and the product. It gives a perfect shadow for my contour!


Mac Bite of an apple So this is a blush that was a limited edition blush. It was from MACs Disney collaboration and I LOVE this blush. I personally love bright pink almost red blush because I love looking like I was blushing all day. But I have a dupe for you! It is Le Femme blush in coral. It’s also $3.70 from camera ready cosmetics.

Mannakadar beauty Paradise blush So this is another coral color, but this one has a slight shimmer to it which I love! I will wear this if I go out with friends or to a party it’s so fun and it blends out super well.


My favorite subject.

NYX DuoChrome Highlighter in lavender Steel This is such a fun and cool highlighter. I LOOOVE how it makes my skin look in the sun. It looks kinda rosy in some lights while in others it’s really purple. I feel like this is a great highlighter for music festivals and everyday!

MAC Beaming Blush Extra Dimmenson Skin finish – If you don’t like crazy highlighters like my last one, you’ll love this one. ‘ beautiful gold and bronze color

Finally my setting spray that I love is the NYX Matte setting spray that I have talked about earlier.

Those were my makeup favorites for the month! Please let me know if you want me to talk about my fashion favorites in next month’s favorites!




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What inspires me

Hello hello!

Another month is flying by! It’s almost the end of April can you believe it? Which means that my monthly favorites should be going up on May 1st or 2nd! I will also try about doing a small look book for this month. But enough about my small updates!

I want to talk about something that has inspired me the past few months and its Teen Vogue. Yes the Vogue that is specifically written for teenagers. I have had a subscription to them in the past. But it’s always been a great with writing articles about everything from fashion and beauty, to politics and talking about hard topics like eating disorders. They know how to balance some fun and happy-go-lucky articles with very hard-hitting and interesting topics.

I feel like everyone should read these articles, The Atlantic has written a wonderful expose on how teen vogue influences kids.  This article talks about how they have been empowering young adults with being more politically active in today’s political climate. https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2016/12/teen-vogue-politics/510374/They are trying to educate many teens with what is going on with our newest president, policies, how voting works and different things. But they also do have a balance with their fashion and beauty and art articles. Because of this magazine I have been more educated on politics, and I have come into my self more.

I feel that anyone, any gender, and any age should actually read Teen Vogue in order to show a different side and an easier breakdown of today’s political breakdown. It’s very inspiring to me to know that many people are trying to teach many young adults in today’s politics.

Much Love


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A little more about me

Hi there again everyone!

I wanted to make a quick post about what I hope you will get out of following my blog

The purpose of my business is to empower people with using fashion, makeup and beauty. I want people to feel confident in themselves with expressing themselves.

I hope it will benefit you all by allowing you too get ideas on how to express yourself and to make you feel more beautiful and confident in yourself. I want everyone to be happy on how they look and to not to be afraid to reinvent themselves,  I know I do it a lot.

I hope you’ll come back to my blog in order to see makeup and beauty tutorials, new outfit ideas, new products to try,  etc. I would talk about my likes and dislikes for every month. I would also love to post little tutorials every month or so on how I do my routines and how I style myself.

I would love to hear different products that, you, my readers have used. I would also love to about what you tried and didn’t like. If you also tagged me in posts on Twitter and Instagram to show me your looks would make me so happy! I would also love to hear if you all wanted video tutorials and have those posted on her on even on a YouTube video.

Much Love,


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Photography Info

In this little list I am going to tell you how I shoot my photos/ edit them:


  • Canon Powershot SX510 HS
  • iPhone 5c at the moment
  • Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 (it’s an actual Polaroid camera)

Things I use to edit :

  • Afterlight on iOS and android for $0.99
  • To upload photos from my camera to my phone I use the Canon Camera Connect

How I actually edit:

  1. I chose the photo from my camera roll on my phone
  2. The  clarify is already at 50 so I amp it up to 60
  3. I turn up the brightness to about 15
  4. Turn the contrast up to 10
  5. I try  to warm the photos to about 17
  6. I sharpen the photo to 10
  7. Depends on my mood but I might add a light leak or a dusty filter

And after I post it to Instagram.